Kindly litter, retrospective and word of thanks…!

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11th of March, mating Joplinn with Morris.

11th of May, 8 miracles born.

 4th of July, 7 happy families…yet there were 8 miracles!


In short, but it was not that short…it was an eventful time in which we greatly enjoyed the beautiful miracles that Joplinn and Morris gave us despite the ‘killer’ I got during this litter period.

A quiet pregnancy and very smooth, easy delivery that Hermine van Erp (co-owner Joplinn) has witnessed. Thanks to Hermine, Joplinn is always in great condition, something that benefits the birth and the fact that Joplinn has been able to provide the litter without any problems for her little ones under the supervision of Morris of course.

The litter period was just like the delivery, easy, lovely and very clever puppies who, thanks to the nice weather, could enjoy the outdoor life early on and quickly realized that ‘it’ had to be done outside. Every time very special to see how clever the puppies are at such a young age!

In the 2nd week there was unfortunately a very black cloud over our heads, the loss of Ciro and his sister Chica also had an impact on me and of course the Fam. van Rijt (among others co-owners of Ciro), our friendship makes us always very closely involved with each other and the dogs. Fortunately, we found a lot of support together and with dear friends so that after 1 week I was able to find my footing to enjoy the puppies again, mixed feelings but I had no choice, Joplinn kept on looking as I am used to even though it was sometimes too much for me.

After the rollercoaster of various emotions followed a few beautiful weeks with the little ones where many hilarious and precious moments have passed.

Was that all…no, everything was told earlier during the updates and with pictures shown on that one miracle after!

During week 5 and 1 girl was canceled, something that can always happen just a shame because after the birth I had to disappoint people who wanted a girl from this combination.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, ‘Go With The Flow’, in this I have accepted and let my heart speak instead of my mind, letting my heart speak is really closer to me so decided that 1 Kindly miracle remains hence 7 happy families and…a very happy breeder 🙂

That one miracle girl will experience a lot with that other miracle boy…more about this later!

Thanks to the support, help and care of many nice and lovely people around me I have been able to enjoy Joplinn with her Kindly puppies and their new owners, to be able to keep my head up, to capture wonderful and precious moments and with pain in my heart after 7.5 weeks i could let go the little ones to their new homes.

Thanks again to all those who have contributed to this, in particular Hermine van Erp that she gave me the opportunity to once again take a litter with Joplinn and that she could miss Joplinn 8.5 week…I am truly blessed!

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Photoshoot co-created by Marloes and Ankie van Rijt, Ellis van Luijk and Jasper Hacking…thanks agian.

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