In Memoriam / 14 March 2000 – 17 March 2011


Swallowsflight Raven Zelda Nika

Her greatest passion was …………… shooting days with me! Till 9.5 years we went along as picker-up but to protect Nika she retired after that. The sweetest she wanted is die in the field, something I really I couldn’t let her eventhough picking-up was her biggest passion.

In Memoriam / 14 May 1995 – 25 March 2008


Dönja, a happy “doll” I called her Donnydoll. Don’t know why maybe because she was a quiet one like a doll who is always around but you never notice. If there was less time it was fine and if she got all the attention of the world she was also happy. At the moor she had the time of her live and made had her own walk that’s why Remi was her nickname but as soon as we got to the car she was back again. 

In Memoriam / 2 May 1995 – 8 Aug 2003



Lars a Bernese Mountain Dog a beauty of a dog with a heart of gold where we have enjoyed 8 years of.

He was my start of living with dogs, I can tell you… …a blessing in many ways!