Future Litter

September 2019


L – Litter



Tanyan Wotihnisa Case Due South

Hip score A, eyes all free incl. gonio, knees free
Show 1 EX, Work C-Diploma, training B-level



Go With The Flow Dutch and Faithful

Hip score A, eyes all free incl. gonio, knees free
Show 2 EX, Work C-diploma, training B-level

August 9, 2019, the echo has shown that Janis is pregnant…we expect the puppies in the 2nd week of September.

We had to remember the name of the father and his owners until the echo, now that it is known that the mating has actually been successful, we would like to introduce you to them.

Tanyan Wotihnisa Case Due South call sign Chester of Vivianne and William Janis is her 1st husband.

Reason enough that the choice fell on Chester and I also went looking in particular for a dog that is not “popular” in breeding but that meets my requirements and fits Janis, for both Janis and Chester this will be the 1st litter.
As it has become apparent in recent years that the genetic diversity within our breed leaves something to be desired I also try to focus on this, a dog that has given a lot of offspring is not a good development in breeding according to the scholar!

July 11, 2019 Janis in season…later than planned, but we cannot force nature. When ‘mother nature’ is good for us we expect the puppies from this litter mid-September.

Until it is known whether Janis is actually pregnant we will keep the name of the male and his owners out of the spotlights. As soon as the ultrasound has taken place we will inform you on this page what it has revealed and the name of the dog and its owners will be announced.

This time we stayed on Dutch soil, both parents were born in the Netherlands with a wink to the home of England, since there is a lot of English blood in the pedigree of both parents.

Mr. …..!


With Janis and her partner it is never boring at home, a dose of humor and golden gloves are the key words for both of them, they are incredibly sweet which means that besides passion for teamwork they are also pleasant dogs at home.

This combination requires some skill from the future owners of the offspring, Janis and her partner are both real Flatcoated Retrievers…occasionally very naughty but with a lot of passion to work and pleasure in the interaction. If you can appreciate these characteristics, an offspring from this combination may be a good choice.


Both parents are good breed representatives in all areas, but they lack ‘battery’ titles! Experience has shown that titles are no guarantee for the health, character, exterior and will to please of the offspring. We expect that the offspring of Janis and her partner will certainly honor our breed, the underlying lines have also proven this.

Mr. ….!

More about Janis, have a look at Go With The Flow Dutch And Faithful

If you are interested in a puppy of this combination, feel free to contact us by telephone 0031653818745 or send an email to:


Our combinations meet all breeding requirements set by the Dutch Flatcoated Retriever Association NFRV  and the FRC.