Future Litter


At the end of November, Jeddah came into season earlier than expected, nature certainly cannot be controlled. Her new “husband” was already known, but a valid eye result was still missing. Ultimately, before the mating took place, we were able to visit the ophthalmologist, Jeddah’s eyes are fine, so the mating was given the green light.

The time had come on December 10th and the mating took place in Belgium, thus sealing the marriage of Jeddah and her partner.

If the mating proves successful, we expect our Q-litter around February 10.

You can find more about this combination in the Q-Litter diary.

If you are interested in a Offspring of the Q-Litter, please send a message to info@gowiththelfow.eu

All our combinations meet the requirements of the breeding regulations of the breed association NFRV (Dutch Flat-coated Retriever Association) of which I am of course a member!



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