Jeddah pregnant…

2024 starts very positively for Go With The Flow… The ultrasound has shown that the recently consummated “marriage” of Jeddah & Victor appears to be very fruitful. We will [...]

Mating Jeddah

Q-Litter On December 10, Jeddah got “married” for the 2nd time. If the mating proves to be successful, we expect our Q-litter around February 10. See more about this Future litter.

Diary Q-Litter

Q-Litter At the end of November, Jeddah came into season earlier than expected, nature certainly cannot be controlled. Her new “husband” was already known, but a valid eye result was [...]

Priceless puppies week 6

Oh, oh…what an exciting week it was for the Priceless puppies, the first steps outside. Another great moment during a litter to enjoy to the fullest, the world a bit bigger for the little [...]

Priceless puppies week 5

Not only the litter name is known, Priceless, but the puppies also got their second name this week. Because the chip has been placed, the puppies have been given their pedigree name next to the [...]

Jolene 13 years…

Yesterday we celebrated Jolene’s 13th birthday, of course in the usual way as you are used to from us…strawberry bavarois cake. Extremely blessed with this special age for a [...]

P-Litter, culinary journey

Week 3 the puppies have completed with the next step in their culinary journey! The amuse-bouche the puppies got from mom when they were not yet born and after their birth JoJo was ready with the [...]