Nosy Litter week 6…

This week the puppies got their second name…the chipper has been so now it is known which pedigree name belongs to which puppy. The puppies really enjoy the “outdoor life” and [...]

Nosy Litter week 4 and 5

The puppies have had 2 busy and exciting weeks. They all enjoy the attention and because the weather gods were kind to us, the puppies could already enjoy the outside pen halfway through week 4. [...]

N-Litter week 3

We have had the last quiet week, from now on the visitors will come. The eyes have opened and the puppies have started to move more through the whelping box. The latter brings us to the next [...]

N-Litter week 2

Week two was dominated by the well-known manicure that all puppies endured fine and they also completed the first deworming… The weights are of course great with a mom who has 10 nipples, I [...]