Current Litter



Born March 31th 2023.

7 males and 3 females, all black.


For her last litter JoJo had a “double date”…

You may wonder if JoJo has been mated to 2 males, yes and no.

To clarify: JoJo was mated naturally by Morgan and Kann’s semen came to the Netherlands by courier so that AI could take place.


Go With The Flow Casual Graceful

The ultrasound showed us that JoJo is pregnant. We expect the puppies from JoJo with Morgan and Kann at the beginning of April.



Go With The Flow Damn Faithful

Hips-A, eyes all clear incl. gonio, knees free

training B-level, Show EX

More about Morgan just have a look at his page; zie Morgan



RonRaj It’s A Kind Of Magic

Hips-A, eyes all clear incl. gooi, knees and elbows free 
Work FCI werk certificate class, Show C.I.B. and Multi Champ

At the end of July, a natural mating took place between JoJo and Kann, but unfortunately she had not taken up. Due to private circumstances I was unable to go to Slovenia this time and the stress of JoJo’s journey may have contributed to her not being pregnant. Because I am very charmed by Kann’s pedigree and when I saw him I was even more convinced that I should try again, I chose the option to mate JoJo by Morgan so as not to run the risk that JoJo would be empty again and AI with Kann’s semen.

Fortunately, all the effort has not been in vain…


Kann is a male with a well-known pedigree which consists of English lines that I have always been very charmed by. Because it is not easy to find a beautiful black male carrying liver with a suitable pedigree, it was a long search and I finally ended up in Slovenia. Jasna Jeraj is Kann’s breeder and coincidentally we both started breeding at the same time. Jasna pursues the same goal as me… looking for beautiful lines in the hope that the combination will give us well-built, beautiful and happy to work Flat Coated Retrievers, of course health is of paramount importance to both of us. Tanja Sičanovič is co-owner of Kann, she has the daily care and works with him in the field, competes and has run the necessary shows with Kann where he has won his well-deserved titles.

Kann working with a lot of passion but steady just like JoJo.

Feel free to check out Kann his page, Kann

I was absolutely thrilled that Jasna and Tanja were familiar with JoJo’s pedigree and gave the go-ahead for a date.

We expect offspring from this combination that will benefit our breed in all areas, beautiful Flatcoats that like to work, are steady with a very sweet character. Both JoJo, Morgan and Kann have previously proven to give sweet offspring with a very social character and there is absolutely no shortage of Will to please, retrieving is clearly in their blood…

I am extremely grateful that Jasna and Tnja also have confidence in this combination and have taken the trouble to set everything in motion so that the AI can take place on time.


Those interested in an offspring should take this into account when we get a mixed litter that will only be known at 7 weeks whether you will get a black or a liver colored puppy. Of course you can indicate whether you prefer a male or a female …

This combination, like all previous combinations, meets the requirements set in the breeding regulations of the breed club  NFRV ( Nederlandse Flatcoated Retriever Vereniging). of which I am of course a member!

If you are interested in an offspring of this special combination, please send an email to Go With The Flow  with the subject; puppy request P-Litter.













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