Kindly litter week 7 & 8!

The last 2 weeks and the departure of the puppies has of course requested the necessary time from me, hence the update only 1 week after the puppies have left the parental home. We have had [...]

K-Litter week 3

The puppies and Joplinn have had their last week of rest, from today they are ready to make new impressions, including in the form of puppy visits. Much earlier than usual we started [...]

K-Litter Week 2

The 2nd week was emotionally a very difficult week … joy and sadness were too close together! Thanks to the good care of mama Joplinn, the puppies have not gotten too short and they have [...]

K-Litter 1st Week…

Joplinn and her little ones have passed the 1st week very well, I just have to get used to the short broken nights. The weights of the puppies have doubled and Joplinn provides, like in her first [...]

K-Litter born…

Joplinn gave us 8 beautiful miracles yesterday. May the 11th, 3 girls and 5 boys…the Go With The Flow K-Litter is a fact. The birth started again in the middle of the night but luckily went [...]

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