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August 1 with Jolene, Jun-Ai and Mason to England for a short holiday where we had registered for 3 shows.
From England, Claire, Paul and Lauren Huyton arrived together with Nahla (Mason’s sister) and Evie two days later to join us for a few days…Mason and Nahla reunited again! It was an emotional reunion for all of us, 6 months ago I brought Nahla to England after 15 weeks with love, day and night, taken care of and socialized together with Mason.

Jolene for the first time in the veteran class, a general for the World Dog Show in Amsterdam on August 11th.
2 shows where Claire, Paul and Lauren Nahla and Evie were also registered, my dogs were handled by Paul and Lauren so I had the opportunity to film them and take pictures, I thank them again for this.

August 4 Paignton Championship Dog Show, judge Mr.R. Milbank:
Mason minor puppy and puppy class, in both class 2nd, qualified Crufts 2019.
Nahla minor puppy 3rd, puppy 4th Res.
Jolene veteran class, 2nd,

August 5 Malvern, National Gundog Association, Gundog Championship Show, judge Mrs.V.Bowen:
on this show we meet Kyoko and John Ross with Otis (father of Jun-Ai and Marlow) and Marvin (brother of Jun-Ai and Marlow present)
Mason minor puppy and puppy class, in both class 2nd,
Marvin graduate class, 2nd,
Nahla minor puppy 2nd, puppy 3rd, with this Crufts 2019 qualified,
Jolene veteran class, 1st place.

8 August Malvern Three Counties Showground, United Retriever Club, judge Mr.G.Lambert:
Jolene veteran class, 5th place VHC.

Jolene met handler Paul Huyton, dank aan Kyoko Ross voor het maken en beschikbaar stellen van de foto.















Mason with handler Paul Huyton.

Unfortunately, Jun-Ai was not placed, the lady had throw of her “coat” two weeks before we left but she has the experience in her pocket!

It was a wonderful time at a lovely location where we enjoyed each other and the dogs.



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