Priceless puppies week 5

 In Diary P Litter

Not only the litter name is known, Priceless, but the puppies also got their second name this week. Because the chip has been placed, the puppies have been given their pedigree name next to the color of their collar. DNA has also been taken to determine which parents the puppies have, one thing is certain… all have JoJo as a mother, which puppy is an offspring is of Morgan or Kann remains exciting for a while.

It is clear that all puppies are very smart and very sweet, just like JoJo’s previous litter. We know from Morgan and Kann that both have produced very sweet and available offspring. Of course there is some vice in it, something that simply belongs to our Flatcoats.

When the weather permits, the puppies can discover the wide world from tomorrow…outside the puppy pen.

Some Priceless puppies are still looking for a lovable forever home..!


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