One year ago

1 year ago was the 2nd black day in December for me…letting you go 19 days after I had to let go my dear old Indy Morris was and still is You were and will remain my 1st flatcoat boy, my dearest sweet shadow, “happy egg”, huge affectionate, super will to please and literally and […]


Jolene Grand Champion 2018

The Raad van Beheer ( Dutch Kennel Club) has added a new show title “Grand Champion” which is awarded to dogs that have achieved the Dutch junior, champion and veteran title… Jolene is the first Go With The Flow offspring to add this title to her series of titles. A quick summary for those who […]


Fledge Overjoy puppies.

The first Overjoy puppies have left the litter with pain in my heart. Even though I know they can’t all stay, it hurts every time to say goodbye to them. Fortunately, we can look back on a beautiful period we have experienced together and 10 golden baskets are ready for them. 1 golden basket remains […]


O-Litter week 2.

Jeddah takes very good care of her little ones, with difficulty I get her out of the whelping box to eat, drink and go outside for a while…reluctantly, then very quickly back to her offspring. This week the pedigree names have been approved by the Raad van Beheer, the O-litter is now called the Overjoy […]

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