O-Litter week 2.

Jeddah takes very good care of her little ones, with difficulty I get her out of the whelping box to eat, drink and go outside for a while…reluctantly, then very quickly back to her offspring. This week the pedigree names have been approved by the Raad van Beheer, the O-litter is now called the Overjoy […]


Birth O-Litter

The O-litter was born, Jeddah and Thorben became the proud parents of 10 beautiful puppies…7 girls and 3 boys. Of course we are very pleased with the birth of the little ones of Jeddah and Thorben. Mamma Jeddah and her little ones are now slowly recovering from the long delivery…and Thorben’s owner, Marijke, and me […]


Nosy litter week 8, parting.

I’d love to keep them all, especially after everything we’ve been through together…unfortunately, this really can’t. As announced earlier, saying goodbye was now extra hard, but luckily all have met super nice owners who have been very compassionate. Of course we still took some pictures to close the Nosy litter properly as people are used […]


Nosy Litter week 6…

This week the puppies got their second name…the chipper has been so now it is known which pedigree name belongs to which puppy. The puppies really enjoy the “outdoor life” and can be found there with me until the late hours. It isn’t easylin the evening to get them back inside, but when mum Janis […]


Nosy Litter week 4 and 5

The puppies have had 2 busy and exciting weeks. They all enjoy the attention and because the weather gods were kind to us, the puppies could already enjoy the outside pen halfway through week 4. As always, it was of course a party. The pedigree names are all approved by the Dutch Kennel Club so […]


N-Litter week 3

We have had the last quiet week, from now on the visitors will come. The eyes have opened and the puppies have started to move more through the whelping box. The latter brings us to the next stage…potty training! As soon as the puppies go to the edge of the box to urinate, that is […]


N-Litter week 2

Week two was dominated by the well-known manicure that all puppies endured fine and they also completed the first deworming… The weights are of course great with a mom who has 10 nipples, I certainly don’t have to worry about that. Week 2 N-litter

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