Eager litter 8 years…!

  8 years ago Indy and Morris got the Eager litter…together they are no longer with us and their children are orphans, fortunately the Eager’s do not know about that.     Indy her last litter, 10 beautiful Eager offspring…unfortunately we had to say goodbye to two beautiful ladies last year. Ziva and Dorothea were […]


Tribute to my Shadow Morris.

Dear Morris, 11 years ago my shadow was born in my hands and I called him Morris…31 days ago our wonderful and special journey came to an abrupt end 💔 You can’t just forget you Morris, especially on a day like today. In honor of your “11th birthday”, which unfortunately we have to celebrate without […]


Bye sweet, big boy Morris…

Bye sweet Morris…now reunited with your great love Indy. Your arrival was not planned at all, but you immediately grabbed me at birth, it was love at first sight. From day 1 you were my shadow and there was always something of you touching me but Monday my shadow and the contact suddenly disappeared, you […]


Dynamic litter…9 years!

Today 9 years ago J.J. have us 12 beautiful Go With The Flow Dynamic’s …unfortunately our 1st Dynamic male has passed away this year. We are now counting our 11 blessings and are grateful that 11 out of 12 can tap the 9 years today Congratulations to all … big hug from mum J.J., sis. Joplinn and the […]


Tribute to Indy.

Dear Indy, My promise to you was that i would not let you suffer….last week I kept this promise with pain in my heart 💔 Your beautiful mind was still clear but your body unfortunately. Not being able to de independent would become an agony for you   Fortunately, you did not leave us alone…the precious, beautiful, […]


Bye sweet and loyal Indy…!

And then…for me the world stopped   5739 days and nights together were given to us, for me it could have lasted forever, inevitably the turning point came yesterday!   Dear Indy, thanks to you, the first Go With The Flow’s were born, a mother, grandma, and great-grandma full of devotion, many friendships worldwide have […]

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