Mixed feelings.

Today I reflect again on Indy’s age…15 years and 8 months, how special. The heather in bloom so beautifully was a great moment to share and record alone with Indy, assuming that this will be the last time we enjoy the beautiful colors that the heather in bloom shows us together… ! A mixed feeling […]

Indy 15,5 years…

Today we celebrate a very special birthday…Indy, foundation mum of my kennel, has reached the beautiful age of 15.5. I can say that this age is very special and that I am very blessed with Indy as unfortunately very few Flatcoated Retrievers have been granted this age. Fortunately, Indy is still very vital for her […]

And then…!

Then it was quiet…very quiet! Last week the Mindful puppies left with a smile and many tears. Caring for the puppies for almost 8 weeks means that you become very involved with them. Even before they are born you realize how precious the little ones are and as soon as they are born this realization […]

Cheerful litter 10 years!

Despite the presence of the M-litter, we naturally celebrated the anniversary of the Cheerful litter today. Foundation mother Indy with her newborn offspring. Appropriately put Jolene in the spotlights today where she enjoyed the “veterans” treat known to my veterans…strawberry bavarois cake! As you can see below, Jolene had no problem with that… Jolene [...]

J.J. 12 years…

  A memorable day today…12 years ago the first Go With The Flow puppies were born, the Beloved litter. 3 of the 9 Beloved offspring are still among us, Indy jr., Buddy and J.J….they are of course spoiled again today. Every day with them is a gift that we hope to enjoy for a long […]

Joplinn BOB…!

After Joplinn became 3rd in the veteran class at the Winner- Christmas show, we went for a second attempt at the show of KC Eindhoven in Venray to get her 1st veteran point. The revenge was very sweet….Joplinn became 1st in the veteran class but it didn’t stop there! Joplinn became best female and the […]

Bye dear Jessy…

Unreal… on Friday you ran together with Joplinn on the heath with Hermine van Erp and one day later you suddenly stopped being 💔. With pain in our hearts, we suddenly had to say goodbye to Jessy yesterday 😭 Jessy turned 12 at the end of October. Since Jessy was 3 years old, Hermine took […]

Dynamic litter…8 years.

We have from today 12 Go With The Flow new veterans among us, the Dynamic litter 8 years. J.J. with her new born puppies 8 years ago. How special is it that all 12 offspring have reached this beautiful age…yes, very special. I am enormously blessed and therefore also all owners that the complete litter […]

Liberty Litter week 7

Why littername ‘Liberty’… Liberty refers to 75 years of freedom and it suits both Janis and Chester. The past few weeks have clearly experienced that the puppies do justice to this name. At the beginning of this week the puppies had their first car ride, together with Vivianne we went to the vet for their […]

Liberty Litter week 6.

We were lucky last week with the weather, which made going outside a true celebration for the Liberty puppies. A pleasure to see how they experienced their new environment, with full dedication they have shown that life is a big party for them … a pleasure! Because the puppies are now doing their needs outside, […]

L-Litter week 3…

e have the rhythm well, deworming was music to their ears and the manicure they all endure well … 234 nails, every week. Janis and her little ones are leasing to the eye, despite the crowds I naturally enjoy the 13. Halfway through the week we expanded the whelping box and we started potty training, […]

L-Litter Birth…

The “cocktail” care for 13 newborn puppies and their mother, the adult dogs and associated organization of the Championship clubmatch of the NFRV… then you have a “cocktail” that is almost impossible to drink! Fortunately I managed to hold my ground and everything went perfectly. Thanks to Ellen van der Meijden and Hermine van Erp, […]


Exactly 1 year ago that Ciro has also become a star that shines superbly high in the sky…it exactly reflects his character and appearance. Fam. van Rijt and I have Ciro in our hearts that he will never disappear from, every moment he is still very close to us.  

Morris 9 years…

9 years ago Morris was born, a big boy during the birth and litter period …I remember it as the day of yesterday! He is still a big boy with heart of gold and as sweet as his size. Given the circumstances surrounding this day we celebrated Morris’s birthday a week later in an appropriate […]

Indy 14 years…!

YES … Indy is celebrating her 14th birthday today. Please give me a call when you want to congratulate Indy personally! Blessed that Indy has reached this respectable age, my foundation female who is still in good health.   We are going to make a real party today, Indy will honor her and hopefully we […]

Clubshow Den Bosch.

Also this year we could not let KC ‘s-Hertogenbosch and its surroundings fail during their clubshow… every year a nice happening, and a good training for the youngsters. This time together with Monique van Rijt on the road with the 2 youngest Madoc and Jeddah, Jolene and Mason. Madoc and Jeddah both in the youngest […]


Today just on the road with JoJo my liver-colored sweetheart…Simonshaven where for the first time we tried to get a C-diploma. Given JoJo her training level i entered her for the but our goal was to obtain at least a C-diploma…and with success! The first test was a blind over water, the ones who had […]

Int. Dogshow Maastricht.

We went again to the south, Monique van Heijster with Madoc accompanied by the 4 feet Jolene, Mason and the other little one Jeddah. For Madoc and Jeddah it was their debut, the first experience in the show ring…also registered for the brace class to gain experience. Madoc, puppy class, 1VP Mason, junior class, 2EX […]

World Dog Show 2018!

Today with Jolene and Mason to the World Dog Show Amsterdam. Mason in the junior class, in England he was greatly appreciated by the judges but today he went out of the ring with a VG. Mother Jolene in the veteran class with another judge as the junior dogs were judged appreciated her luckily what […]

Engeland tour…!

August 1 with Jolene, Jun-Ai and Mason to England for a short holiday where we had registered for 3 shows. From England, Claire, Paul and Lauren Huyton arrived together with Nahla (Mason’s sister) and Evie two days later to join us for a few days…Mason and Nahla reunited again! It was an emotional reunion for […]

Kindly litter week 5 & 6…

Due to cancellation, 1 female available…! The weeks are going very quickly now…today the puppies get their first vaccination and next week they will get their microchip, also DNA is taken to make sure that Joplinn & Morris are actually the parents. something that I obviously do not doubt. The outdoor run is a true […]

K-Litter week 3

The puppies and Joplinn have had their last week of rest, from today they are ready to make new impressions, including in the form of puppy visits. Much earlier than usual we started potttytraining halfway through week 3 and believe it or not … the puppies already use the newspapers to do their needs. Of […]

K-Litter Week 2

The 2nd week was emotionally a very difficult week … joy and sadness were too close together! Thanks to the good care of mama Joplinn, the puppies have not gotten too short and they have not gotten much from everything that was going on. They have the first manicure behind them and they have also […]

K-Litter 1st Week…

Joplinn and her little ones have passed the 1st week very well, I just have to get used to the short broken nights. The weights of the puppies have doubled and Joplinn provides, like in her first litter, a real proud mother who takes her job seriously to ensure that her little ones do not […]

K-Litter born…

Joplinn gave us 8 beautiful miracles yesterday. May the 11th, 3 girls and 5 boys…the Go With The Flow K-Litter is a fact. The birth started again in the middle of the night but luckily went very smoothly and completely without complications, mother and her babies are doing fine and father Morris…looks proudly from a […]

K-Litter…final play!

It is clear that birth of the K-litter begins to come closer, the last few steps of Joplinn’s pregnancy have begun. Since puffing, panting and digging has begun, the question arises whether we still have 1 or 2 quiet nights! Joplinn still eats with taste but that is not strange to me, all the ladies […]

Cheerful offspring…8 year!

We have some veterans again…all Cheerful offspring are now veteran. On such a day as today we realize once more that  unfortunately not every Flatcoated Retriever is awarded this age that’s why we put our veteranens extra in the limelight o.a. by the famous treat…strawberry baverois pie. Jolene and Ciro, modest as always had to […]

Double celebration…!

  It remains special anyway…today we celebrate the birthday of 2 litters! Today Faithul offspring 4 years and Graceful offspring 3 years … For the Go With The Flow home a party for Janis, Morgan and JoJo…suitably we celebrated this of course. Jolene with her newborn babies 4 years ago… J.J. with her newborn babies […]

Infinity litter 1 year…

Today we celebrated the 1st birthday of the 3 Invinity puppies and of course we had a birthday party with Janou! The 3 ‘Musketeers’ day 1…! As usual we have also celebrated this in an appropriate way…during a delicious treat including recollection of the birth and the litter period. Of course Janou could unpack her […]

1st show 2018…

Today it was time to visit a show again. Eindhoven is a home game for us so we gave it a try… This day Janis and I were joined by Cécile with Morgan and Miranda and Paul together with Janou who keeps the household busy on a daily basis. Brother and sister, Morgan and Janis, […]

Morris veteran…!

From today we have gotthe 2nd veteran in our midst, Morris 8 years old, an age that really does not suit him. Becoming a veteran is absolutely no punishment with us as from 8 years they will be treated to … cake! It took some getting used to but eventually Morris understood what the intention […]

Indy 13 years…!

A very special day today…Indy has reached the age of 13 years. Of course this is celebrated in an appropriate way with, among other things Indy her favorite cake, the lady would prefer to have eaten the whole strawberry bavarois cake but that did not seem like a good idea 🙂 Indy, my foundation lady […]

Joyful Litter week 6…

Claire Huyton… A week with many impressions for the Joyful little ones with the highlight maternity visit from England. Claire, Paul and Lauren Huyton owners of Dylan together with the breeder Mandy Romeo-Dieste visited us at the weekend where on Saturday Marga Cornelissen came to offer the helping hand. Of course the Joyful puppies were […]

J-Litter week 2…

The 2nd week Jolene and her 12 miracles have passed well. The eyes are almost all open and they wobble quite nicely through the whelping box so we made this last week a bit bigger because it became increasingly difficult for Jolene to take a seat. Thanks to the help of Marga Cornelissen the first […]

Birth J-Litter.

Tuesday, day 59 of her pregnancy, Jolene thought it was time to show the world her puppies! The run-up to birth went according to the book, Tuesday morning Jolene was eating a bit with ‘long teeth’ but she was still very relaxed. My estimate that Jolene would give birth during the night of Tuesday on […]

J-Litter born…

Our J – Litter born. Jolene with her newborn offspring.. Jolene gave us these beautiful 12 miracles yesterday. Not only much sooner than expected…also much more than expected! Mother and her little miracles are doing fine, more about birth as soon as we have everything in order. Congratulations, of course, go out to Claire and […]

Countdown has started…

The countdown has started for the birth of the J-Litter…! Everything is ready and everyone is ready… the trusted helpers Ellen van der Meijden and Marja Ojevaar who will assist me during delivery if necessary. A nice and calm feeling that I can always fall back day and night on these two lovely friends, thanks […]

Jayla Workingtest B2…and!

Jules has happily concluded with Jayla this season…! Jayla has done a great job at the Workingtest Oldenzaal, result was their 1st B2 working test certificate. Jayla last thursday during the shoot…(picture, Jules van Harssel) Despite her birthday, Alies Oplaat was also present with Oban (brother of Jayla) under the motto the show must go […]

Jessy 10 year…!

Today again reason for… a party 🙂 Jessy has reached the respectable age of 10 years today, which we are very pleased with, of course we have celebrated this with Hermine (co-owner) and Joplinn. Today 10 years for our breed is an age that many unfortunately do not reach … Jessy with her beautiful gray […]

Jolene pregnant…

The echo showed yesterday that we can welcome puppies around November 11 …! The tension was high, as many candidates are looking foward to an offspring from this combination whose father, now it is clear that the marriage is going to yield it’s benefits, can be announced. More about this see Future Litter.  

Ciro Dutch Champion!

Today again we gained a Dutch Champion… Show Maastricht along with Monique & Ciro and Cécile & Morgan. Achieved results today: Morgan, open class (Limit): 4EX, Ciro, Champ. class (Open): 1EX, Reserve Best male, RCAC/RCACIB with this Dutch Champion Janou, puppy class: 1VP, best puppy of the breed. A wonderful day with nice and lovely […]

Jolene mated…!

Last weekend it was so…Jolene her 2nd marriage took place. Before the weekend traveled together with Jolene and Jun-Ai to Scotland, yes 12 hours driving is a whole ride for a mating but to enrich the genes pool in the Netherlands and to keep the roots of our precious breed in mind, it was worth […]

Show Rotterdam…

Today, Janou’s debut… her 1st show experience. Janou was obviously not alone, along with Ciro, Marlow and Jun-Ai, she underwent her 1st experience in the ring. The lady braged wonderfully through the ring, something that is not so strange at this age, judge Mr. Colin Mackay (GB) was very pleased with this …! Of my […]


Today we of course celebrated …. Indy 12.5 years! At this age every day our Flatcoated Retriever gets is a gift so we not only celebrate the day they were born but every half year they get. Super proud and happy I’m that Indy, Go With The Flow foundation bitch, still in good health reached […]

Championship Clubmatch FRC…!

After the goodbye of the Infinity puppies again an opportunity to go for a day. Today, together with Merian who has together with Peter daily care of Marlow with Jolene, Marlow and Jun-Ai went to Lelystad where we participated in the Championship Clubmatch of the FRC, some years ago we were present on this show. […]

Infinity Litter…puppy test!

Puppy test…we truly enjoyed the 3-star! Some keywords for the characters and work abilities of the 3 Infinty puppies: Human-oriented, lively, good noses, happy to work together, eye contact, clearly like to retrieve, for age good focus, independent, mentale stable. All in all the combination Jayla & Black Jack has given us what we like […]

Double celebration…!

It remains special… exact same birthday one year after the other! Today ‘Faithful’ offspring 3 years ‘Graceful’ offspring 2 years … Mother Nature has given us this special experience, something that absolutely can not be planned but apparently it was granted to us warmly and I am still grateful. Janis Morgan and JoJo will like […]

I – Litter Week 2…

The I-litter starts to get more identity … … the pedigree names have been approved by the Dutch Kennel Club so with pleasure we can announce the name of the litter. Infinity Litter Infinity sign represents, infinity, power and eternal love…! I can easily keep the puppies apart so they bear no straps at the […]

I – Litter born…!

With great joy we can announce to you birth of the I-litter Friday night Jayla gave us 3 wonderful puppies of which we are very grateful…it could have been very different! Because the birth stagnated and we wanted to take any chances, we went to the vet Dierenkliniek Den Heuvel and decided in consultation apply […]

The last mile…!

We are ready to go… now Jayla yet! The final stages are gone, now fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and Jayla will not take us too long in suspense. Last night Jayla kept me busy, from 6 a.m. she went into sleep mode, then slept the whole day…ohh what a cutie she is!

Jiggly…3 years!

My little lady today already 3 years … with a smile and a tear, we have this day celebrated appropriately. This day we have thought much about Connie, despite Connie was totally in the hunting dogs and she could not understand my choice Jiggly had stolen her heart right away when they met the 1st […]

Crufts 2017…

Last weekend was marked by … Crufts Birmingham UK! Prior to the birth of Jayla just a short break with only one dog … Jolene as she has Crufts for life so anyway always can participate. Pleasant side effect was that I also could hold Luca (Graceful litter) and Marvin (Harmony litter) again in my […]

Harmony’s…1 year!

For the 1st time today we are celebrating the birthday of the Harmony ‘babies’…1st anniversary of the offspring of Joplinn & Otis. 3 males were the firstborn, 3 Musketeers and what we did not know at that time … … the 3 M’s! They got viz. nickname respectively Marvin, Morris and Marlow. The 1st born, […]

Jayla Mated…!

20th of January the mating took place between Jayla met Black Jack… Now cross fingers that this mating has gone better than last year,  in February the ultrasound will give us more security. More about this combination just have a look at Future Litter. Jayla wouldn’t be Jayla if Jules would leave her at home […]

Morris…7 years!

Again a birthday party… Morris is today 7 years. Thanks to a couple of ladies in season at home Morris is celebrating his birthday, like last year, at his favorite guest address the Family van Rijt where he is having the time of his life with his mate Ciro and son Egan. Of course I […]

Indy…12 years!

A birthday with a golden touch … … Indy 12 years! Gosh I’m so happy with a day like today, proud of my ‘old’ lady and super grateful and blessed that we can celebrate with her this wonderful age in good health and still very active. Indy recently endured her 1st ‘GPI’, just to check […]

Jayla into season…

Today Jayla got into season, later than expected…clear nature can’t be forced! Within the next two weeks he mating will be, fingers cross that everything will go well so we can welcome the I-litter 2nd half of March. For now we have to wait and see when Jayla is completely ready…   More about this […]


First of all, we wish you all a great 2017 in good health and with many animal pleasure … With 2016 behind us, we look forward to another year in which we are certainly not going to sit still … o.a. Jayla will hopefully get her 1st and also only litter, my foundation bitch Indy […]

Work to do…!

Last week was marked by Field Trail workshops and to finish Janis Morgan their 1st game … … the Hekkensluiter (‘Fences Shutter’) organized by Connie Ritmeijer. Wednesday workshop with JoJo and Cécile with Morgan starter class and Friday novice class with ‘turbo’ Janis given by Bobby Robertson and organized by Connie Ritmeijer.       […]

Morris Dutch Champion…!

This weekend was once again dominante by… …showing the dogs, Dogshow Bleiswijk te Hazerswoude-Dorp. Saturday Judge Ms. H.Warendorf: Morris open class (limit) 1EX, Best dog CAC/CACIB and now final Dutch Champion…! Jun-ai puppy class 2VP, J.J. Veteran class 1EX. Sunday Judge Mr. Cuyper: Morris open class (Limit) 1VG, Jun-ai puppy class 1VP, BOB puppy, […]

Harmony reunion…

A great reunion of Harmony litter…! When a Go With The Flow litter is about 6 months old following a reunion where various activities are discussed. Have a nice day together to experience how the puppies have spread their wings and to get to know each other better… … briefly, a party for people and […]

Show Maastricht…

Today we went to the south of the country… … Maastricht, accompanied by Marloes van Rijt and Merian Houben. The two youngest Jun-ai and Marlow for the 1st both in the puppy class and successful again … … 1VP only this time it was Jun-ai who got BOB (puppy).   Jun-ai BOB puppy… Morris open […]

Show Rotterdam…

Theme of this weekend wa show and amoung others the debut of the 2 youngest… …Jun-ai and Marlow! Saturday together with Marloes van Rijt, Ciro, J.J. and Jun-ai on the road. Ciro CH. class (open) 1EX, J.J. Veteran class 2VG and Jun-ai who unfortunately was limping after a jump of joy before she entered the […]

ChampionClubShow NFRV…!

Destination today Hoogeveen …! ChampionClubMatch of the Dutch Flatcoated Retriever Society. In a fit of madness I apparently had enrolled 10 dogs : P. Jiggly went along as our mascot and Mr.UK and Ms.NL 2 Harmony puppies couldn’t stay home of course, also a good socialization which is obviously very important at this stage. Alies […]

Harmony Litter Week 5…

Have to get used to ‘Harmony’ litter instead of ‘H’ – litter but luckily it went fast …! The whelping box moved to the other side of the puppy room is quiet expired and the puppies enjoy the additional leeway they got there. The introduction of the water was like the other litters a waterballet, […]

H – Litter name…!

Starting today the H-Litter has got more shape … … approval pedigreenames Dutch Kennel Club! The puppies of Otis & Joplinn get the litter name… ‘Harmony’ With care and love in consultation with Kyoko and John Ross of Otis we have chosen this litter name and finally the pedigree names below. The boys: Go With […]

H – Litter Week 3…

Start of week 3 the puppies were confronted with their 1st deworming, all eyes opened and they made their 1st steps … … a voyage at this young age! About the weights we certainly can not complain, the heaviest puppy weighs 1750 grams at the moment. Easter was marked, among others … 🙂 … food […]

H – Litter week 1…!!

Monday, tired but satisfied, I enjoyed 10 wonderful newborn miracles but unfortunately this could last only one day! Tuesday … … a nightmare of every breeder, male sand was suddenly dead in the whelping box. The 1st 2 weeks are the known critical weeks, Tuesday I had unfortunately the shock of a dead puppy. Possibly […]

Puppies H-Litter born…!

  3rd Go With The Flow generation is a fact, tonight are 10 wonders of Go With The Flow Classy And Dynamic ‘Joplinn’ X Downstream Face The Music ‘Otis’ born. Congratulations to owners of Otis Kyoko and John Ross and breeder Becky Johnson  Downstream Flatcoated Retrievers UK thank them for their trust in this beautiful […]

Countdown H-litter…!

Countdown has started this week for the H-Litter. Restored the ‘nursery’ fully alive and fully equipped with everything needed to welcome the puppies. What now remains is … … wait patiently when Joplinn takes her time to get rid of her extra kilos 🙂 As you can see Joplinn has quite increased in size but […]

J.J. Enjoyed…!

Yesterday was the 1st time J.J. could eat the Special birthday…! When my dogs aged 8 years to reach them are spoiled with famous strawberry mousse cake, just a very special moment where they incredibly enjoy themself as you can understand. On the video is clear to see that J.J. normally doesn’t steal from the […]

Go With The Flow wandeling…

De 2de Go With The Flow wandeling vandaag was weer een geweldig samenzijn met een grote groep fijne mensen en super lieve en uiteraard mooie nakomelingen! 29 honden waren van de partij die zich uitermate hebben kunnen vermaken zoals u op de video kunt zien. Honden blij… …baasjes helemaal gelukkig. Dank gaat wederom uit naar […]

Joplinn pregnant…!

With joy we can announce that yesterday the ultrasound showed us Joplinn is pregnant so we can welcome the litter early March! The right time to put the partner of Joplinn and his owners in the spotlight, we offer gladly to …    ‘Otis’ Downstream Face The Music Kyoko and John Ross are the proud […]

New website on air… …!

Welcome to the new ‘Go With The Flow’ website, Welkom op de nieuwe ‘Go With The Flow’ website, saying ‘good work takes time’ is definitely in it’s place 🙂 Given that the old site was not sufficiently mobile-friendly has already spent some time working behind the scenes on a new one to continue to keep […]

Morris 6 year… ….

Exactly one week after Indy celebrated her 11th anniversary it has become the turn of our Morris … … today 6 years.     Since Indy is in season Morris stays at his “foster” the Fam.v.Rijt and we celebrated his birthday at the home of Fam.v.Rijt this year. Fortunately Morris, the giant always there to […]

Indy 11 year……..

11 years ago a very special puppy was born for me… …Indy! My tower of strength, foundation bitch, great grandmother but most really a Flacoated Retriever as you each want to. Obviously she has let herself once again horribly today indulge in the company of lovely people around her and her favorite cake on a […]


Hekkensluiter, an unofficial annual competition organized by Connie Ritmeier where friendliness is a key and for the new ones a fun way to “taste”. Maarten with Ciro, Monique with Egan and I with Morris were among others of the party. Monique and Egan 1st time they were tasting and for Maarten and me it’s familiar […]

Behind the Scenes…

Achter de schermen wordt er volop gewerkt aan diverse nieuwe ontwikkelingen op alle gebied waarvan o.a. de aankondiging van het volgende "Go With The Flow" nest. Wanneer alles goed gaat verwachten wij begin 2016 het H-nest, wat we al kunnen verklappen ........... we gaan weer "overseas", meer hierover op een later tijdstip!