“Go With The Flow” has a firm commitment to the Flatcoated Retriever. My goal is ‘dual purpose’ and my priority is to find a good balance between health, character, work and beauty in order to honour our wonderful breed.



Flatcoated Retrievers

I Lost my heart to this wonderful breed in all areas since 2000 with the arrival of my first Flatcoat Retriever ‘love’ Swallowsflight Raven Zelda Nika.

Nika taught me the 1st lessons of the Flatcoat phenomenon of which I’m very grateful to, thanks to her I can’t imagine a life without them.

 The teamwork makes the Flatcoated Retriever the ideal dog for me in who I see a lot of myself.

On this website you will notice that it did not remain with 1 Flatcoated Retriever…

‘Once a Flatcoated, always a Flatcoated’!

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing this site.

Jiggy Homepage

Chinese Crested

The search for another breed next to my Flacoated Retrievers has been long, blood is thicker than water!

In 2013 I knew that the Chinese Crested would be a good counterpart in the pack ‘just for fun’.

From 2014 my 1st Chinese Powder Puff Jiggly made her entrance, never thought we would experience so much fun together.

Small in stature but she feels herself bigger than her other members of the pack. Like the Flatcoated Retrievers she retrieves, swims and never skips a walk, rain or shine…!

As part of the pack, she has stolen many hearts including those of real hunting dog lovers who are surprised of my choice of breed!

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