Kindly Litter, “6” months reunion

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Later than planned today we had the 6 month reunion of the Kindly litter.

6 of the 8 offspring of Joplinn and Morris were present today.
Always enjoying to see the “little ones” again with their owners, a gathering that produces fun moments and anecdotes every time, just like today.

We started the morning well…coffee and Bosche bulbs, then we went into the field for a small workshop to see how the offspring develop and how the boss-dog relationship is. Where necessary, questions can be asked and tips given, all in all an educational, fun and surprising morning with hilarious moments!

After lunch we looked for relaxation for the dogs in the form of a nice walk at the Heilige Eik (Sacred Oak), where we ended up chatting at home while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Owners with 6 Kinldy offspring and dad Morris & mum Joplinn. Thanks Marloes van Rijt for taking this awesome picture of us…

Of course I really enjoyed the Kindly offspring, great to see how those little puppies born on May 11, 2018 are developing especially now because mom and dad are both mine so we could really see which characteristics they have from whom!

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photo album co-created by Hermine van Erp en marloes van Rijt…thx.

Thanks to all who could be present this day, obviously great that Hermine van Erp who is in Joplinn’s daily care until the walk was there and took some pictures of us in the morning as I was in charge of the workshop this time.

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