Harmony Litter 3 years…Marlow, Jun-Ai and Marvin!

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We stay in party mode for a while….. as if life only consists of this, no way!

It is a party today because the Harmony offspring celebrate their 3rd birthday so Marlow and Jun-Ai were also put in the spotlight today, but there was actually something else on the agenda!

Together with Jolene and Mason I would now be on Crufts in Birmingham,  unfortunately Jolene thought differently last weekend. On Saturday it turned out that the lady had a long sock in her intestines that did not come out by itself, so after a long debilitating night were we took a little walk every hour in the hope that the sock would come out. Unfortunately we had to make the decision on Sunday to have the sock removed surgically…very unfortunate that this had to happen right now, luckily Jolene passed the operation well and she is home again to quickly become the “old” one again.

Nevertheless, we made it a party today and kept a close eye on the results on Crufts. In the afternoon we received a great message from Kyoko and John Ross, Marvin kept the honor of Go With The Flow high with a 1st place in his class!

I am so proud of Marvin…he has followed in the footsteps of his mother Joplinn. Joplinn achieved a 1st place in the junior class at Crufts in 2013, “like mother like son” certainly applies here. A nice crown on the combination Otis & Joplinn, Kyoko and John Ross can also be proud of that. We congratulate them again with this unexpected awesome result of the first offspring of their Otis …

Of course we have given a toast on this achievement with Merian and Peter!


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