Beloved litter 11 years…J.J.

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OMG, already 11 years ago that the first Go With The Flow puppies were born…J.J. stayed and is still there!

Unfortunately, not all Beloved offspring are still among us, the more grateful I am that we, among others could celebrate J.J. celebrate her 11th birthday.

Last year Tygo past away, a difficult period especially of course for Sharon and Marc who had 10,5 great years with him and have loved him immensely, that love for him will always stay with them…

When you look at J.J. you give her certainly not 11 years, her muzzle is already a little bit gray but otherwise she looks great and the young dogs keep her apparently young. Hopefully J.J. will follow as far as age the footsteps of her mother Indy who in January has become 14 years.

As is known J.J. this day, among other things, spoiled with the famous strawberry bavaroi cake..modestly as always I had to urge her that the cake was really meant for her.


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