Jessy 10 year…!

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Today again reason for… a party 🙂

Jessy has reached the respectable age of 10 years today, which we are very pleased with, of course we have celebrated this with Hermine (co-owner) and Joplinn. Today 10 years for our breed is an age that many unfortunately do not reach …

Jessy with her beautiful gray muzzle…!

Unfortunately Jessy could not get used to a pack so she is living now for 7 years with Hermine (co-owner) together with Joplinn, Hermine is spoiling  Jessy a lot and despite her age she still plays the boss over Joplinn …! Fortunately, she lives very close and I see her together with Joplinn weekly and i am very grateful Hermine is looking after two wonderful ladies.


Left Joplinn, right Jessy…waiting for the pastry.

Of course an old lady is eating her plate neatly empty.

As you can see it was great… 🙂



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