Dual Purpose weekend…with results!

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Last weekend both disciplines included, work and show…hence Dual Purpose weekend.

Saturday for the 2nd time with Janis an attempt to achieve a working diploma. Signed in for a B-diploma to see where Janis is at the moment, the intention was to get home with a C-diploma … and we succeeded 🙂
“Blind” across water (not the dog blind but without knowing there is a dummy on the other side) was a stumbling block for several these days, so too unfortunately for Janis who had difficulty with this the last few weeks so a B- Diploma has not been included. The other B parts she dit great and showed me very clearly what she can…a lovely day just together with Janis on my way, what I enjoyed her.

For Jules, it was not really Jayla their day… Jayla still has some ‘afterwee’ of her litter and the caesarean section, making it less than expected this season.

Janis…photo Alies Oplaat.

Sunday Clubshow KC-‘S-Hertogenbosch with Janou and Jun-Ai, a good practice for the 2 youngest ladies in the presence of Paul Claassen Co-owner Janou. Over the course of the day we were accompanied by Eva, Theo and their sweet Luna, Luna is a “Graceful” offspring and for 2 years they are our regular supporters during this show and, if necessary, they offer super good help and of course cosiness.

Janou on the front and Jun-Ai behind…cozy sharing the bench together!

Janou, best puppy of the breed with a Very Promissing, in the main ring she was short listed.
Jun-Ai, BOB, in the main ring we were surprised with…best of group 8 and at the end she became 9th BIS…


Janou under the supervision of Eva, Theo en Luna…on the background.

Luna owned by Eva and Theo…


Jun-Ai, best of group 8…thanks to judge Dhr. J. Coppens.

Cécile and Morgan also attempted a C-diploma on Sunday, unfortunately they did not succeed this time. Hopefully Morgan will be the one next time who will surprise us …

An enchanting weekend with beautiful results…thanks to Paul, Eva and Theo who provided the necessary kindness and dedication to the sensitive record.



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