With pleasure we introduce you…

 In Diary K Litter

Today it is already half a year since the Kindly puppies were born…and then!

Due to private circumstances I was unfortunately not able to present the 2 “laggards” to you, now that they are already half a year old it is really time to officially introduce both to you as announced on July 13:

That one miracle girl will experience many beautiful things with that other little miracle boy …

Male lime & female violet,

Go With The Flow Eternally Kinldy & Go With The Flow Enchanted Kindly

Madoc & Jeddah

Maarten and Monique van Rijt-van Heijster & a very happy breeder

Together with Madoc and Jeddah…7 weeks old.

Maarten, Monique and Marloes van Rijt together with Madoc.

What has moved us to this…!

During the delivery we were already aware that Ciro was ill, with that in mind I had not forgiven 1 male if we had to say goodbye to Ciro earlier than we wished I could give Maarten and Monique the opportunity to have a 2nd offspring of Morris to take care of, provided they were ready for it of course.

Unfortunately, in the 2nd week at the time of the Kindly litter we had to let go of Ciro with a lot of pain in our hearts, a sledgehammer that cost us a roller coaster of emotion…when I look Jolene (sister of Ciro) in her eyes it touches me still at this moment!

A while further Maarten and Monique informed and after good consideration they wanted to take on the challenge, thankful that they had not lost confidence in me.

I myself did not intend to keep a female but when there was a cancellation at the end of the 4th week…my heart cried and I listened to it, I could not let an offspring of my own dogs go. Given the circumstances I am super happy with my decision, “it was ment to be”!

Madoc lives with Maarten and Monique, Maarten does the training with Madoc and, among other things, the shows are my responsibility. Of course Madoc will also regularly be found together with Egan between the pack when Maarten and Monique want their hands free, something that my pack is used to…their 2nd home just like Morris and Mason who, in case of need have their 2nd home or with Merian and Peter Houben.

Extremely grateful that I have such lovely and warm friends around me who can laugh and cry with me and understand what breeding and working for healthy dual purpose “lines” mean to me…

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