Kindly litter week 5 & 6…

 In Diary K Litter

Due to cancellation, 1 female available…!

The weeks are going very quickly now…today the puppies get their first vaccination and next week they will get their microchip, also DNA is taken to make sure that Joplinn & Morris are actually the parents. something that I obviously do not doubt.

The outdoor run is a true party for the 8 little ones, they make use of it with these temperatures and live out wonderfully, luckily they take their rest moments in time. The puppies fully enjoy all the attention they get from the visit, it shows clearly that they are very happy with people…we are waiting what the puppy test will show next week.

Grandmother Indy despite her old age, July 16 she is 13.5, still the little grunt…a pleasure to look at, then I realize all the more that this might be her last litter where she can enjoy!

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