Birth J-Litter.

Tuesday, day 59 of her pregnancy, Jolene thought it was time to show the world her puppies!

The run-up to birth went according to the book, Tuesday morning Jolene was eating a bit with ‘long teeth’ but she was still very relaxed. My estimate that Jolene would give birth during the night of Tuesday on Wednesday or Wednesday, so still have a good time to take a fresh shower.

When i came down, it seemed that Jolene had thought about it differently…!


As I walked down the stairs all the dogs were interested in licking one of the dog beds where they licked one by one  at least so it looked at first sight … nothing was less true. Under the tongue came a miracle and Jolene…she was nowhere, she walked calmly somewhere in the garden!

Fortunately, all others took care of this little boy (color white) and did not lack anything except the mother’s milk of course, of course I was very surprised at seeing this kind of scene …

Once in the nursery together with Jolene, the 2nd miracle (boy bleu) went on quickly and everything went literally and figuratively in a hurricane. Claire (owner Dylan) would follow everything by Skype, Marga who is getting a puppy out of this litter would like to join the delivery, I would like to give her the opportunity…so they both quickly informed what was going on. Luckily, Claire was quick online so while i made them dry, weigh and gave them a color she let me know when the next puppy was on the way…within 1 hour 5 came very soon after each other so you get short of a few eyes.

The first 6 miracles, finally some time to make a picture!

According to the echo, a maximum of 6 or maybe 7 puppies could be born. I can assure you that my vet was always right except one time he missed just 1 puppy but with all the other litters the exact number was accurate! There could be another puppy after no. 6, but when I felt Jolene’s belly I was sure there would be more than 1. Of course, you are doubtful because of the number of echoes that were seen but okay, just waiting for what nature was meant to be with us, more can not be done at such a moment.

At the birth of puppy 8, our surprise grew bigger, the 9th turned on, 1 hour later the 10th and 15 minutes later the 11th … a very unrealistic feeling there we counted up to 7 puppies! Both Claire and Marga, who have been able to see everything from puppy 7 and we did not know what happened to us…it was as though we were all in a movie where no end came. After that, Ellen and Peter came along on the assumption that we had been ready for a long time…15 minutes after the 11th puppy, Jolene started straining again on which we all called, “no that really can not be true!” After 1 hour of the oxytocin injection, no risk was taken that if there were still a puppy in it would take too long. An hour and a half after the oxytocin injection, there was still a girlie, apparently she had a delay because of the traffic jam in front of her…luckily she was lively, the greatest miracle and of course more than welcome.


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Because we do not like to disappoint people, after the 7th application for a puppy from this combination we stopped raising more people, obviously there are now puppies available from this combination…

When you are interested in an offspring of Jolene and Dylan feel free to contact us or send an email to

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