J-Litter week 1…

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Today 1 week ago we were surprised with the birth of the 12 Go With The Flow miracles…the J-litter.

Up to now, Jolene and her little ones are doing fine and we are very pleased with the weights of all 12 … something that is a great deal of care for the first few weeks and they are wonderfully vibrant when it’s time to fill the belly again.

For me the nights are still short because Jolene has to pee regularly, keep the babies under control or they will not accidentally stay under Jolene and to keep Jolene in top condition because of her 24 hour care she gets over 24 hour divided her food … so also during the nightly hours!

For those who are familiar with Facebook…every evening around 7.00 PM you can follow Jolene with her puppies on my timeline live.


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