P-Litter, culinary journey

 In Diary P Litter

Week 3 the puppies have completed with the next step in their culinary journey!

The amuse-bouche the puppies got from mom when they were not yet born and after their birth JoJo was ready with the starter, the milk bar. Her 10 little ones immediately threw themselves into this 24/7 with full dedication. After they have enjoyed mom’s supply for 3 weeks and to grow better, we quietly prepare them for the main course.

Because the intestines are not yet ready for the main course, the soup, Starter Mousse, provides a pleasant experience towards the main course. This way the puppies can also get used to the idea that mom is not a supermarket that is open 24/7.

I was able to capture this special moment for you thanks to the help of Sylvia Rekkers…hopefully you enjoy it as much as the puppies and we do.


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