Nosy Litter week 6…

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This week the puppies got their second name…the chipper has been so now it is known which pedigree name belongs to which puppy.

The puppies really enjoy the “outdoor life” and can be found there with me until the late hours. It isn’t easylin the evening to get them back inside, but when mum Janis goes pottytraining is paying off, they now do their needs outside and inside it stays nice and clean…that saves a lot of cleaning work.
The little ones have had the first vaccination and the vet has examined all puppies well, bitch purple was not quite as we are used to from her, hopefully it is nothing serious.

We are now going to prepare for the puppy test that, as we are used to, will be done again by Ellen van der Meijden together with Marloes van Rijt, that will definitely be fun again.

Week 6.

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