Nosy Litter week 7 & puppytest

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Monday was a very black day for us and the Nosy litter…!

Lady purple was really not well over the weekend and because her head looked very much like a hydrocephalus we had an MRI made to get more clarity. Our worst nightmare came true…with a lot of pain and sadness we immediately had to say goodbye to our cheerful lady! Disappointment and a lot of sadness also with my friends Joyce and Edgar, girl purple had stolen their hearts from the beginning and they were looking forward to spoil the little girl…We were all on a rollercoaster that seemed to have no end to come.

“The show must go on” but gosh it was so difficult after the big loss and all the emotions that came with it. The 4 remaining puppies were clearly also bothered by it, logical…girl purple was a bundle of joy and life of the party for humans and animals.

Week 7

Fortunately, the puppy test gave us some distraction that we could use because I was pretty a mess. All puppies were very happy to retrieve and they were not averse to cuddling in between, that’s how we like to see them.

Nosy litter puppytest..

Now, despite all the sadness that is in every fiber of my body, preparations have to be made for the departure of the first puppies, a goodbye that will certainly be heavy…a small litter ensures an even closer bond and letting go is not my thing strongest side!


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