Morris 6 year… ….

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Exactly one week after Indy celebrated her 11th anniversary it has become the turn of our Morris … … today 6 years.


Morris 6 jaar met muts


Since Indy is in season Morris stays at his “foster” the Fam.v.Rijt and we celebrated his birthday at the home of Fam.v.Rijt this year. Fortunately Morris, the giant always there to his liking, along with great friend Ciro  and Morris his son Egan’s really no punishment for him. Maarten, Monique, Marloes and Ankie had Morris conjured a true birthday hat for the day … … Morris asked himself whether he now had to find this fun! Really treat yourself like a little child which I am very grateful to the Fam.v.Rijt. They give Morris he care that suits him and happy thoroughly enjoy them.

Morris no birthday cake, that party has gone down since the age of 8 … … for him to be patient so. Monique had found a good substitute and went to the boys like cake 🙂


Morris 6 jaar 2
They are ready for it… …and Monique also!

Morris 6 jaar 5b

Hope it turns out fine…!

Morris 6 jaar 4b

father and son do not fall for one another, left Morris and right Egan.

Morris 6 jaar 10a

Marloes was appropriately thanks for the gift he had received from the Fam.v.Rijt … … sit on top of her feet!

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