Liberty litter week 4…

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This week was a busy one for the puppies. The potty training is in full swing, it made sure they needed more space, so it was time for a pen with newspapers in front of the whelping box so that Janis still had enough space in the whelping box to be able to lie with her offspring … unbelievable how quickly the puppies had realized that their “toilet” had been moved, most of them immediately used it.

In addition to the puppymousse, we started with the kibble porridge at the end of the week…. and, as is known their entire body was subjected to the porridge!

At the end of the week their first move, the whelping box to the other side of the puppy room so that a larger pen towards the living room could be created and the puppies could get to know the other dogs between the bars of the gate.

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