Harmony Litter… …a day of mourning!

 In Diary H Litter

Today a day of mourning for the ‘Harmony’ litter…

Puppy Purple, Harmony miracle, ‘Tinker Bell’, ‘Electuary’, happy note, Go With The Flow Endearing Harmony, many names for such a little puppy girl of just 6 weeks old shows how special you were.
So little but so very bravely, from the beginning you were the cheerful note between your brothers and sisters a real stayer to mums nipple with a very strong character.

The 1st 2 weeks drank and grew you like your littermates but then you stayed behind in everything except your strong character and your cheerfulness… …this grew by the day. Past 4 weeks I’ve with love and devotion I gave you care night and day, while everything and everyone was in bed we had our get-togethers and the band created is indescribable.

This afternoon showed that your kidneys no longer functioned properly as a result of previously existing inflammation, this was among other things the reason that after 2 weeks eating became an issue and from that moment you grew less rapidly than the rest. 

With aching in my heart you said in front of me, Connie Ritmeijer, Monique Heijster and vet Rudy Smits goodbye to us … …

A special place in my heart you had 6 weeks which will never fade. Heaven gets a shining star who will shine every day brighter than the sun … … good journey sweet, little, cheerful and brave Ms. Purple.

Afscheid Paars klaar

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