Cheerful litter 10 years!

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Despite the presence of the M-litter, we naturally celebrated the anniversary of the Cheerful litter today.

Foundation mother Indy with her newborn offspring.

Appropriately put Jolene in the spotlights today where she enjoyed the “veterans” treat known to my veterans…strawberry bavarois cake! As you can see below, Jolene had no problem with that…

Jolene enjoying her birthday cake with utmost precision!

Just enjoy it…

On such a special day as today I also think about the fact that unfortunately not all Cheerful offspring have been granted this age. Last year our sad enough Zoë and Joep suddenly past away…this not only hurts their owners a lot but also me as a breeder and owner of Joep. Both are reunited with Chica and Ciro who have certainly welcomed them into dog heaven, rest in peace dears…


Jolene in action with her birthday cake…!

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