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The puppy’s JoJo & Terrence are born… 7 “dwarfs”,

2 girls and 5 boys.

In the night from Thursday to Friday, JoJo became a bit restless, so I decided not to go to sleep yet, but to already crochet the straps and wait for the puppies to present themselves. When crocheting the second strap JoJo lay down by herself in the whelping box and before I could blink JoJo pressed twice and the first arrived puppy at 2:55 am, she will be wearing the name “girl white” for the next few weeks because of the white strap to have all firstborn with me.

After that, 5 boys came fairly shortly after each other. Since there were a lot of waiting on the list for a girl of which 2 families who are already used to a Go With The Flow offspring, I was very annoyed when I had to disappoint them after a long wait. Waiting in suspense to see if it might be the last puppy and girl. The wait was rewarded, the last puppy was born at 11.40 am…YES, a girl!

Of course unfortunate for everyone else who was on the list for a girl from JoJo & Terrence, but it stayed with 2 girl this time. Despite the fact that I could not meet their needs, I wish them every success again in this way in finding a suitable combination of which they can have an offspring in their hearts.

Mother JoJo and het puppies are doing great, daddy Terrence also 🙂 …JoJo is a mum pur sang!

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