Show Maastricht…

 In All kinds of

Today we went to the south of the country… … Maastricht, accompanied by Marloes van Rijt and Merian Houben.

The two youngest Jun-ai and Marlow for the 1st both in the puppy class and successful again … … 1VP only this time it was Jun-ai who got BOB (puppy).


Jun-ai BOB puppy…

Morris open class (Limit) 1EX, Ciro CH. class 1EX… …because I can’t handel 2 dogs at the same time Marloes had to make her debat in the  ring with Morris and was very succesfull.  Morris BIS CAC/CACIB, he is now just a half point removed of the Dutch title…!

Morris Best Dog…

J.J. 1EX veteran class and top of the bill… …she became BOB veteran.

I had to throw Marloes completely in the deep to send her with J.J. in the main ring because I had to handle Jun-ai… …Marloes presented J.J. great. Once again thank you Marloes you were a great help and did a wonderful job today.

Marloes together with J.J. in the main ring for best veteran.


Brother and sister both best puppy, having a good run so show them is not a boring idea …!

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