Joyful Litter week 4…

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1 boy and 1 girl of the Joyful litter are still available…!

An exciting week behind for the Joyful puppies … puppy visit!

In addition, we started very early with the potty training, i noticed that the little ones were ready. 3 weeks and 1 day old the newspapers were introduced to the puppies and they were very happy with it :-).

Not only am I and the owners of the father of the litter but also the future owners have been able to see how quickly they realized that ‘it’ had to be done on the newspapers, obviously this saves enormously in the washing  but also the future owners later benefit a lot from this. It also indicates that the puppies are very clean to themselves but also how clever they are …!

Sunday, the puppies have their 2nd refurbishment behind them and they have also ‘moved’ for the first time…thanks to Marga, Bella & Hub and Conny & Johan this went smoothly and fine, thanks again.


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