‘Graceful’ Party…!

Today it was a ‘Graceful’ party … … 6 months litter reunion! Since many agendas were full we came this time at the age of nearly 7.5 months together with six of the nine ‘Graceful’ descendants. A pleasure to see them all once again and to experience how they have spread their wings. It was a wonderful day with wonderful people and lovely dogs around us. Thanks to Yvonne Jonker and Connie Ritmeier who have assisted us this day to make an unforgettable day again. Of course thanks to the owners that they have taken the trouble to attend this day with their ‘Graceful’ … … yes, I am very proud of the offspring J.J. & Bruno have given us!

JoJo gedurende ede workshop in de ochtend

Na afloop was er uiteraard tijd om samen gezellig te.......... evalueren!

Afterwards there was obviously time to evaluate together cosily…….!


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