ChampionClubShow NFRV…!

 In All kinds of

Destination today Hoogeveen …!
ChampionClubMatch of the Dutch Flatcoated Retriever Society.

In a fit of madness I apparently had enrolled 10 dogs : P. Jiggly went along as our mascot and Mr.UK and Ms.NL 2 Harmony puppies couldn’t stay home of course, also a good socialization which is obviously very important at this stage.
Alies Oplaat with Oban accompanied by her niece Serena joined on the show to our company, in the total was the Go With The Flow “clan” with 14 dogs on site…

JoJo, junior class VG
Janis, breeder class EX
Jolene Champ. class 2EX
Indy and J.J., veteran class resp. 2EX and 3EX
Morris and Joep, open class (Limit) EX
Egan and Morgan, breeder class resp. EX and 4EX
Ciro, Champ. class (open) 2EX

A nice day with lovely people around me who have enormously strained to make this day a success for which my heartfelt thank.
Naturally, extra thanks to Caroline for handling so great JoJo, Joep, Morgan and J.J and Gerard Mers who joined us with Joep which I had not seen for a long time. Thanks to Maarten van Rijt we can give you below a glimpse of this beautiful day … … thanks again for this Maarten.

NFRV KCM 2016 1

Mr.UK and Ms.NL…

NFRV KCM 2016 5b

Mr. UK left and Ms.NL right.

NFRV KCM 2016 11

Caroline together with Joep…

NFRV KCM 2016 15a

Indy in veteran class, 11,5 year and her 5th show…!

NFRV KCM 2016 10

Morris during judging.

NFRV KCM 2016 17

Egan and Ciro just before we went home…broken!

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