1st Go With The Flow A-diploma…!

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Today, Jules and Jayla (Go With The Flow Blueprint For Eager) achieved the first Go With The Flow SJP A diploma … a great milestone on the “eve” of the birth of the L-Litter.

Jules and Jayla at the very beginning of their teamwork.

We are delighted that the journey that Jules and Jayla started together has already brought them that far. An SJP A- diploma of 86 points is a score that Jules needs to start the MAP adventure with Jayla… first another SJP A- diploma and then nothing gets in the way of them.

Working together in the field, then both are completely in their element.

Nothing escapes Jayla … a property that Dad Morris has passed on well.

Congratulations again Jules and Jayla…we are very proud of you and we are looking forward to the next A-diploma, hopefully working together will be rewarded again.

Believe in yourself and your dog girl Jules, there will certainly be many beautiful adventures on your way.


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