H – Litter

Harmony – Litter


7 March 2016

6 dogs and 4 bitches, all black.


Downstream Face The Music



Go With The Flow Classy And Dynamic

30-01-2016 With joy we can announce that yesterday the ultrasound showed us Joplinn is pregnant so we can welcome the litter early March!

The right time to put the partner of Joplinn and his owners in the spotlight, we offer gladly to …


Otis jump water

Downstream Face The Music

Kyoko and John Ross are the proud owners of this lovely and wonderful English boy. For both of us a special “marriage” … … both Otis and Joplinn got for the 1st time in the ‘boat’, indicating co-besides the fact that these puppies are 3rd ‘Go With The Flow’ generation is a special touch to this litter.

My sincere thanks go to Kyoko, John and the breeder of Otis, Becky Johnson Downstream Kennel https://downstreamflatcoats.co.uk , they gave me the opportunity to link Otis to Joplinn, they too are confident that this combination will benefit our breed.

11.01.2016 When nature has been favorable and Cupido shot his arrows right we expect early March 2016 Joplinn her 1st litter.

 H-Nest aankondiging coll

The matig took place early January!

1st week of January has started very well for us, the H -‘marriage’ took place!

Both Joplin as her partner performed for the 1st time in the “marriage” …… .. a very special experience..



‘Downstream Face The Music’


Joplinn Head transp 1


‘Go With The Flow Classy And Dynamic’

NJK’12, JW’12, NED.Kamp.

For this combination, we again traveled to England where we were received with open arms by the owners of the dog and the dog of course. The dog of this combination is a sweet and beautiful dog without a battery ‘titles’ but who just like the previous two British dogs Torin and Bruno deserves this.
Most important for us is that not only he but also his underlying lines proved to be a good addition to our breed in all areas, health, character, exterior and work ethic are super balanced and above all a suitable partner for Joplinn ….. ….. this is my idea where breeding a litter is about!

The modest nature makes both his owners and dog like to stay out of the limelight until we know whether all taken pains fruit will bear … … thanks in advance to those who want to share their expertise with me making this beautiful and particular combination has been established.

The expectations of the puppies from this combination ‘Dual pupose’ as both father and mother and the underlying lines have proven themselves on both fronts ……….. and a truly Flat Coated Retriever character!


Joplinn will be mated for the first time early 2016 by an English gentleman.

Once the mating is a fact we will tell you more about this beautiful combination!

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This combination meets all requirements which are set by the Dutch Flatcoated Society NFRV . If you are interested in an offspring of this combination feel free to send a message to flatcoated@gowiththeflow.eu
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