Pedigree of Go With The Flow
Go With The Flow Eternally Kindly FLATCOATED RETRIEVERS
Sex: Male Breeder: Bosman, Marjet, Mrs Akkerweg 2
Colour: Black Tel: 0031499578781/0031653818745  
Date of Birth: 11 May 2018 Email: Oirschot
Registration No:   Owner: Bosman, Marjet, Mrs/ C0-Owner: van Rijt, Maarten, Mr. Netherlands
COI: 1,3%
Ned Ch Brightmoor Badgerback (COI 0.2%)
23 Jan 2010 Black
Boltiltorps Reason To Believe (COI 3.6%)
21 Apr 2005 Black
NJ Ch, SJ Ch, SL Ch, SU(U) Ch, SV Ch Inkwells Let It Be (COI 3.9%)
4 Jul 1996 Black
Zebulous Skogsvicker (COI 2.0%)
26 Dec 1991
Multi Ch Lady Doc's Humbug (COI 6.2%)
Comics Never Say Never Again (COI 5.2%)
Int UCh, NU CH, SU Ch Inkwells Beretta Mobilchoke (COI 4.1%)
25 Jul 1990 Black
SU Ch Almanza Life of Brian (COI 8.0%)
Inkwells Charmeuse-for-Inas (COI 4.8%)
SU Ch Black Mica's Extra Vaganza (COI 1.4%)
30 Jan 1999 Black
Nord UCh Mirax Jason O'Malley (COI 2.1%)
6 Jul 1994 Black
Comics Armagnac LP (COI 2.0%)
Mirax Just-My-Luck (COI 4.5%)
Boltiltorps Golden Mica (COI 4.8%)
9 Mar 1992 Black
FIN UCh, Int UCh, Nord UCh Almanza Larry O'Grady NV-91, SV-90, SV-91, SV-93 (COI 7.4%)
SU Ch Boltiltorps Cardamum (COI 3.4%)
Lux Jun Ch, Ned Ch, Ned Jun Ch Brightmoor Irish Mist JW, W'07 (COI 6.0%)
16 Mar 2006 Black
Gayplume Flamboyant at Suchanoich SGWC (COI 19.0%)
14 Jul 2001 Black
Sh Ch Gayplume Dream-Maker (COI 10.1%)
29 Aug 1995 Black
Sh Ch Kenjo Black Mark (COI 12.7%)
Sh Ch Gayplume Dixie JW (COI 4.5%)
Sh Ch Gayplume Pure Style JW (COI 8.0%)
14 Jan 1998 Black
Sh Ch Cleovine Derrynane (COI 8.7%)
Sh Ch Gayplume Fancy Free JW (COI 10.1%)
Lux Jun Ch, Ned Ch Rainesgift Mid Summer Dream (COI 12.5%)
5 Mar 2002 Black
Ch Steeplehouse Chipper SDC A (COI 6.9%)
23 Apr 1995 Black
Ch Tom Thumb JW (COI 4.3%)
Riversflight Jian (COI 12.4%)
Sh Ch Here Comes the Rain (COI 4.8%)
15 Apr 1998 Black
Riversflight Neath of Beanit JW (COI 3.0%)
Kentee Innes (COI 4.4%)
Ned Ch, Ned Jun Ch Go With the Flow Classy and Dynamic Belg Jun Winner, JW (COI 1.8%)
16 Dec 2011 Black
Lux Ch, Ned Ch Explojer of the Black Nature (COI 12.5%)
8 Oct 2005 Black
Belg Ch Branco of the Black Nature (COI 10.4%)
12 Nov 2002 Black
Timberlands Humber (COI 9.0%)
10 Apr 1997
Ragtime of Glen Sheallag (COI 3.0%)
Timberlands Blizzard (COI 3.2%)
Zilly of the Black Nature (COI 9.6%)
Multi Ch Camwood Flying Dutchman (COI 13.6%)
Xylaria of Sunniness (COI 2.9%)
Butterfly of the Black Nature (COI 4.8%)
4 Apr 2002 Black
Ch Xantho van het Bevershof (COI 17.5%)
15 Feb 1998 Black
Unique van het Bevershof (COI 14.3%)
Sunshine van het Bevershof (COI 4.0%)
Xylaria of Sunniness (COI 2.9%)
Nor Ch, Sh Ch Cariena's Thirtyfour-Four NordV-98, SV-98 (COI 10.4%)
Raindrop of Glen Sheallag (COI 3.0%)
Ned Vet Ch Go With the Flow Born to Beloved (COI 0.9%)
23 Feb 2008 Black
Kenzed High Flyer FTA, Trialer (COI 4.0%)
16 Mar 1999 Liver
Waverton Toby Ale Of Varingo (COI 3.7%)
14 Aug 1994 Liver
Ch Brown Keston Of Varingo FTA (COI 5.9%)
Ch Waverton Madeira JW (COI 4.4%)
Wolfhill Quest For Game (COI 10.5%)
3 Apr 1991 Liver
Wizardwood Tawny Quail (COI 13.3%)
Wolfhill Serene (COI 31.5%)
Swallowsflight Coal Zippy (COI 1.4%)
16 Jan 2005 Black
Am Ch, Ger Ch, Ger Jun Ch, Lux Ch, Ned Ch Serilde Qualcosadatenere JH (COI 2.1%)
1 May 1999 Black
Int UCh, Nord UCh Almanza Something To Talk About (COI 15.7%)
Almanza Romantic Rose (COI 2.5%)
Swallowsflight Age of Aquarius (COI 1.6%)
27 Sep 2002 Black
Beauty Nights Sire Bolton (COI 3.6%)
Swallowsflight Dark Over An Ocean (COI 4.0%)
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