Pedigree of Go With The Flow
Go With the Flow Born to Beloved FLATCOATED RETRIEVERS
Sex: Female Breeder: Bosman, Marjet, Mrs Akkerweg 2
Colour: Black Tel: 31499578781  
Date of Birth: 23 Feb 2008 Email: Oirschot
Registration No:   Owner: Bosman, Marjet, Mrs Netherlands
COI: 0.9%  
Kenzed High Flyer FTA, Trialer
16 Mar 1999 Liver
Waverton Toby Ale Of Varingo
14 Aug 1994 Liver
Ch Brown Keston Of Varingo FTA
30 Apr 1986 Liver
Bridport of Musk
21 Jan 1979 Liver
Heronsflight Justice
Wilderswood Facet
Bella's Gemma
24 May 1983 Black
Claverdon Lysander FTA
Ch Waverton Madeira JW
10 Apr 1990 Black
Glidesdown Kingfisher
2 Apr 1983 Black
Ch Falswift Apparition
Glidesdown Tabatha
Ch Waverton Katinka
10 Mar 1987 Black
Nethercrief Sandy Wagtail
Ch Black Velvet of Candidacasa at Waverton JW
Wolfhill Quest For Game
3 Apr 1991 Liver
Wizardwood Tawny Quail
17 Apr 1985 Liver
Wizardwood Tawny Owl
21 Jul 1975 Liver
Fenrivers Ling FTW
Windgather Delia of Wizardwood
Wizardwood Bilberry
24 Oct 1979 Black
Kenstaff Mulberry of Heronsflight
Wizardwood Wigeon
Wolfhill Serene
18 Sep 1983 Black
Wolfhill Hawthorn
15 Sep 1977 Black
Ch Wizardwood Teal
Halstock Leonora
Sh Ch Wolfhill George Elliott
11 Mar 1982 Black
Wolfhill Paddy Whack
Halstock Leonora
Swallowsflight Coal Zippy
16 Jan 2005 Black
Am Ch, Ger Ch, Ger Jun Ch, Lux Ch, Ned Ch Serilde Qualcosadatenere JH
1 May 1999 Black
Int UCh, Nord UCh Almanza Something To Talk About
18 Apr 1993 Black
FIN UCh, Int UCh, Nord UCh Almanza Larry O'Grady NV-91, SV-90, SV-91, SV-93
15 Aug 1985 Black
Gunhills Ear of Esophagus
Scarlet O'Hara
Am Ch, Fin Ch, NU CH, SU Ch Almanza Exotic Tequila Sunrise
7 Apr 1990 Black
Lonning'go Carillo Caballero
SU Ch Almanza Exotic Spice
Almanza Romantic Rose
6 Jul 1992 Black
NU CH Cariena's Twentysix-Eight
4 Feb 1991 Black
NU CH Cariena's Fourteen-Ten
NU CH Cariena's Eighteen-Nine
Genevieve of Bramatha
17 Jun 1986 Black
Bramatha Ticket
Stonemeade Grebe
Swallowsflight Age of Aquarius
27 Sep 2002 Black
Beauty Nights Sire Bolton
15 Apr 1993 Black
Beauty Nights Sire Aladdin
9 Mar 1989 Black
Meitas Sire-Micael
Oxhagens Aqua
Ch Inkwells Chocolate-Chantal
8 Feb 1988 Liver
NU CH Bramatha Ticket To Ride
SU Ch Hovhills Chartreuse
Swallowsflight Dark Over An Ocean
6 Nov 1994 Black
Timberlands Andor DK Ch Llecan Guardian of Oakmoss
Belg Ch, Ib Ch, Ned Ch Lindsey of Glen Sheallag
Ch, Lux Ch Swallowsflight Cedynamites Charm JW
8 Jun 1991 Black
Swallowsflight Dashing Dynamite
Swallowsflight Mystic Marshfire
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