Show Rotterdam…

 In All kinds of

Theme of this weekend wa show and amoung others the debut of the 2 youngest… …Jun-ai and Marlow!

Saturday together with Marloes van Rijt, Ciro, J.J. and Jun-ai on the road. Ciro CH. class (open) 1EX, J.J. Veteran class 2VG and Jun-ai who unfortunately was limping after a jump of joy before she entered the ring, 1 Promising youngste puppy class, a pity not such a good start for her…

Sunday a busy one with Monique van Rijt-van Heijster, Merian Houben, Cecile den Ouden and Caroline Brans.  The 2 youngest did a great job both youngest puppy class 1VP and Marlow… …BOB youngest puppy, Morris and Morgan open class (Limit) respectively 3EX and 4EX, Ciro CH.class (open) and got the RCAC/CACIB, Janis open class (Limit) 2EX and J.J. veteran class 2EX.

All in all we are very pleased with these good results, but more importantly … …we had a great weekend with some lovely people and met  nice new people. Thanks to those who made this possible …!







Marlow BOB youngest puppy class


Ciro Rott 2016 RCAC/CACIB

Ciro 1U CH.class (open) RCAC/CACIB











J.J. together with Caroline 2EX veteran class



marlow-lig-rotterdam-2016 jun-ai-lig-rotterdam-2016

Marlow and Jun-ai totally exchausted…!


Janis as usual… …Janis 🙂


With 7 dogs on the road needs some organization…

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