Nosy litter week 8, parting.

 In Diary N Litter

I’d love to keep them all, especially after everything we’ve been through together…unfortunately, this really can’t.

As announced earlier, saying goodbye was now extra hard, but luckily all have met super nice owners who have been very compassionate.

Of course we still took some pictures to close the Nosy litter properly as people are used to from me. Memories that are cherished as well as the help and support that I have received from Joyce and Edgar during the entire litter period. Without them and some other dear friends I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep going, and luckily there were also those happy faces of the 4 beautiful Nosy puppies…thanks to all who stood by me day and night.

Week 8…the last week together

Last but not least of course my thanks also go to Mandy Romeo-Diëste for supporting this combination and for taking every effort to ensure that Frodo became Janis’ second and last lover.


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