Mindful litter week 5 and 6…

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Two weeks with a lot of new and exciting experiences, too much to describe.

The puppies went outside for the first time, luckily the weather gods were favourably disposed towards us and again it was a great experience to behold. Enjoy playing outside and discovering new things that they will also have to deal with later, their characters will come into their own even better outside …

Outside, thanks to the spacious puppy pen, we could now have more and more visitors, that hugging and all that attention enjoyed the Mindfuls visibly.

Due to the Corona restrictions, the puppies could not be chipped at home this time and we all had to go out. Driving to Nijmegen (1 hour up and down) was an exciting challenge, to ensure that the transition from a safe environment went smoothly beforehand on the puppy run and to get acquainted with the Doggyride and then take a walk on the street. This has led to the puppies having successfully survived this experience, partly thanks to the help of Marijke Wapenaar (owner Terrence). We are very proud of them, they were sleeping peacefully in the back and were as if it were the most normal thing in the world, the chipper was amazed how relaxed they were…they absolutely live up to their litter name ‘Mindful’!

Now that the puppies can go outside, we benefit enormously from the potty training that we have started from almost 3 weeks…! Only at night do they do their needs inside on the newspaper in the run in front of the whelping box, but the whelping box remains clean and during the day everything happens outside. Yes, I did it again…that’s what you do it for as a breeder.
Puppies that are so smart that they do not want to soil their own ‘litter’ at this young age, breeder very proud and satisfied and soon the new owners will be very happy…a ‘win-win’ situation!

The day after the chipping we were able to go out again with the puppies, vaccinate at the vet, check up and take a blood sample to check whether they are all free of liver shunt…and they were happily. Once again assisted by Marijke Wapenaar and her daughter Leonie with partner Doeke, for which I thank them once again. The honor was once again for veterinarian Laura Marchal and our trusted assistant Melissa de Wit who has already hold many Go With The Flow puppies…here too the puppies were very relaxed and enjoyed both the puppies as Laura and Melissa.
The photos clearly show that both the puppies and the vet were having a great time.

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