Lars head
lars 1a

Snow and Lars were one, something that we also shared!

In Memoriam / 14 May 1995 – 25 March 2008


We had to let go Lars at the age of, 8 a fine dog past away.
Unfortunately I wasn’t there to hold his leg… …I still have problems with that fact!


Dear, dear fragile Lars,

You were my 1st splendor with a heart of gold,

in many ways a very sweet and handsome boy,

an occurrence of a very tough guy,

but Lars, deep inside you were soft and vulnerable,

people who didn’t know you did absolutely not link this

During my absence was again that ‘button’ to your order,

vulnerability by you you were unpredictable,

with much sadness we had to let you go at that time,

you left us no choice but actually Lars,

I wasn’t finished yet with you!

Please forgive me…
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