Jayla 2 x A-diploma

September 12 and 19 were 2 special SJP(cold game test) days for Go With The Flow… Jayla received her 2nd and 3rd SJP A-diploma!

Thanks to the efforts of Jules van Harssel, he can now participate in the Map (cold game) competitions with Jayla. Through persistence, patience and a lot of training with Jayla, a long-cherished wish comes true..well done.

Jayla during training…

Jayla is a lady who works a lot with Jules in the field and who prefers to do so, so we expect that she will do better during the Map’s than the diploma days. Every time the same ‘song’ is not really spent on a Go With The Flow, most like challenges and especially showing their own initiative…not always easy for the owner, but in practice it is a necessity!


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