Indy 15 years…!

 In All kinds of, Allerlei


This week is all about Indy foundation dam of Go With The Flow…my rock.

January 16 she will reach the age of 15, a special age for a very special lady.

Unfortunately, not every Flatcoated Retriever has been awarded this age. Reason that we, just like last year but of course a little bit extra, will give Indy her birthday a very festive boost.

Everyone is welcome to come and cuddle Indy on Saturday 18 January between 2 and 5 p.m. and to taste the well-known cake that she is already dreaming of.

If you want to be present here, send me a message before January 16 so that we will certainly have enough at home…who knows until Saturday!


Many thanks to Rudi Gerinckx for the awesome pictures.

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