Indy…12 years!

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A birthday with a golden touch … … Indy 12 years!

Gosh I’m so happy with a day like today, proud of my ‘old’ lady and super grateful and blessed that we can celebrate with her this wonderful age in good health and still very active.

Indy recently endured her 1st ‘GPI’, just to check again if everything is in order because from the outside you can not read everything there a Flatcoated Retriever can be very ‘hard’ for themselves which makes it difficult to detect ahead of time if they fail anything. Everything was okay happily and the blood values were perfectly fine … … still nice to know, especially at this age.

Believe me that we celebrate this wonderful day in a special way, as usual everyone is welcome to experience this with us and of course to taste a piece of her awesome cake… L.Y. gipsy!

Indy during her afternoon naptijdens haar middag dutje… …I can watch this for hours, blissful!

Her ear is perhaps not what it was but as you can see, nothing escapes her.

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