Holland Cup en Winner Show Amsterdam…!

 In Show

First, Friday December the 9th the Holland Cup Amsterdam… Marlow and Jun-ai for the 1st time in the junior class under the guidance of Merian Houben who has daily care for Marlow.

Marlow 3rd place Excellent,
Jun-ai 4th place Excellent.

Marlow Holland Cup 2016

Marlow…(Photo Merian Houben)

Jun-ai…(Photo Merian Houben)






















Directly the day after… … the Winner Show Amsterdam, the largest show of Netherlands where many Internationale exhibitors particiapate.


Marlow junior class 2U…(Photo Andries Oplaat)

Junior class:
Marlow 2EX ( 8 entries)
Jun-ai 2EX ( 18 entries)

Champ. class (open):
Ciro 3EX (5 entries)
Joplinn 4EX (5 entries) handled by Caroline Brans
Jolene 1EX (5 entries) Reserve Best Bitch

All in all, we can be very satisfied even though we didn’t achieve a junior Winner title or Winner title have, all Flow’s ended behind the sign. Marlow and Jun-ai have taken great standing because they were both the youngest dogs in their class, with this great result coming home is no shame ….!

Unfortunately it was this year for Jolene, as always in top form, a repeat of last year … … again Reserve Best Bitch so we just ‘came a day after the fair’ and the Winnertitle  passed us again. Like last year Best Dog and Bitch came from abroad….!

Alies and Andries Oplaat joined us this day with their Oban, Eager offspring, Oban got the 4th place in open class (limit).

It was a social gathering with nice people around us, thanks to all who have supported us this day, Merian, Caroline, Alies and Andries Oplaat.

Jolene Winner 2016

Left Jolene Reserve Beste Bitch and on the right Best Bitch…(Photo Andries Oplaat)


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