Harmony’s…1 year!

 In Diary H Litter

For the 1st time today we are celebrating the birthday of the Harmony ‘babies’…1st anniversary of the offspring of Joplinn & Otis.

3 males were the firstborn, 3 Musketeers and what we did not know at that time … … the 3 M’s!
They got viz. nickname respectively Marvin, Morris and Marlow.

The 1st born, Marvin, is now living with his father Otis of Kyoko and John Ross this has given this litter has an extra special touch to both Kyoko, John and myself of course. Morris was male red, he is named after my beloved Morris, Marlow I kept him myself with Merian and Peter Houben who have the daily care of him and they have accomplished to date on all satisfaction … Marlow is like Jun-Ai and all other Harmony offspring a beautiful and cheerful teenager right now!

We wish all Harmony babies a super happy birthday, make a day like all days… …party time 😉

The video below was taken immediately after birth, I can stay hours watching because be honest… it is and every time continues to be a miracle!

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