H – Litter week 1…!!

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Monday, tired but satisfied, I enjoyed 10 wonderful newborn miracles but unfortunately this could last only one day!

Tuesday … … a nightmare of every breeder, male sand was suddenly dead in the whelping box. The 1st 2 weeks are the known critical weeks, Tuesday I had unfortunately the shock of a dead puppy. Possibly he chokes on milk, something that is instantly fatal for such a young puppy. Joplinn be blamed fortunately nothing, she is very careful with her kids and I myself do not lose the 1st 2 weeks out of sight.

I was totally broken ..!

Thanks to some dear friends and Kyoko Ross of Otis I could gather myself together a lot of tears in my eyes, little sleep and restlessness in me, fear still to loose another puppy. 9 remaining miracles gave me the strength to go and saying ‘count your blessings’ has ended after a few days for sure that I have not given up hope! Of course I again thank those who have supported me during this ordeal …

Came bit by bit of space to enjoy Joplinn her offspring that grow rapidly, the weights are more than doubled in the past week!


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