Graceful puppies 1st week…!

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WK 1 Graceful nest mandje vol met tekst


Exactly one week ago, we were still busy in the daytime with the birth process, so officially the puppies are today one week old. After the fatigue of the delivery, we are happy nonetheless quickly come into our rhythm. The puppies have more than doubled their birth weight, you can see them and almost hear them grow. Next week, the eyes will open and it looks like they will use their feet more not only to bring the milk flow going ………..! The “magic balls” litter has several hilarious scenes from this past week, they know exactly to hit the right chord with the antics that they sometimes get out to include the nipple certainly not having to let go.

A small impression of the past week in the gallery below, also the 1st video of the small stuff.

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It is busy at the ‘bar’, puppies on the move …!

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