Dynamic litter…8 years.

We have from today 12 Go With The Flow new veterans among us, the Dynamic litter 8 years.

J.J. with her new born puppies 8 years ago.

How special is it that all 12 offspring have reached this beautiful age…yes, very special. I am enormously blessed and therefore also all owners that the complete litter has reached this age.

Of course we celebrated this birthday appropriately with Joplinn, for the first time he was treated with the well-known “veterans” strawberry bavarois cake…it was a little awkward for her but in the end Joplinn went wild.

Thanks to Hermine van Erp, Joplinn is still in very good condition and you wouldn’t say she is already 8 years old. Hermine is a great co-owner for Jessy and Joplinn, I am also very grateful to her that she takes care of these 2 ladies with so much love and knows how to keep them in top condition.

All owners congratulations with your Dynamic, hopefully you can enjoy them for a long time and Hermine and I from Joplinn.

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