Current Litter

N – Litter

Born 9th of July 2021

3 males and 2 females



For Janis’s last litter we moved to England again…well, England has come here!

June 4th the ultrasound showed us that Janis is pregnant. We expect the puppies from Frodo and Janis in mid-July.


Hopevalley Morning Circus

HD-B1, eyes all clear incl. gonio
Show EX



Go With The Flow Dutch and Faithful

HD-A, eyes all clear incl. gooi, patella free
Show EX, Work C-diploma, training B-level

We are known that Janis doesn’t care about planning…so also this time! For a change, she was now in season earlier, so unfortunately we couldn’t travel to England because of the corona pandemic. Fortunately, there are other means to ensure that Janis could have the “date” with her young lover Frodo. Frodo’s semen was frozen, sent to Holland and arrived in time for an artificial insemination.

Fortunately, all the effort has not been in vain.

Frodo at work, just like Janis he has a wonderful character with more than enough passion to work.

Why another English gentlemen…too many!

A few years ago in England my eye fell on Frodo’s father Show champion Blacktoft American Smooth at Breamist JW “Freddie”. I continued to follow Freddie and his offspring and saw what I was looking for. Just like their father and underlying lines, very beautiful and great Flatcoated Retrievers who like to work for their boss and certainly do justice to our breed. Frodo’s mother, SH Ch Yonsaff Vienna By Hopevalley JW “Flicka”, is also no stranger to me. Flicka is a daughter of Hopevalley Morning Mayhem JW “Jenson”, Dylan’s brother. Dylan was the lover of Janis’s mother Jolene 3.5 years ago. Can you still follow me…All in all, a pedigree tree with several ancestors that are certainly not unknown to me and which I really love.

Janis at work, besides cuddling which she prefers to do with a lot of passion.

More about Janis can be found on her own page Janis

We expect offspring from this combination that will benefit our breed in all areas, nice and beautiful Flatcoats who like to work and who will be a bit naughty. Both Janis and Frodo are both extremely affectionate and enjoy working in the field. They also have a lot of humor which the owners of the offspring from this combination must be able to appreciate. The offspring from Janis’s first litter are only too happy to show this humor…!

I am very grateful to Mandy Romeo-Dieste and Simon Pole, among others, that they also have the confidence in this combination and that they have taken the trouble to get everything started so that the AI could take place on time.

If you are interested in an offspring feel free to give me a call 0031653818745 or send a message to

Our combinations meet all requirements which are set by the Dutch Flatcoated Retriever Society NFRV .


At the moment we don’t have a litter.

If you like to stay informed about our future plans please have a look at future litter


Our combinations meet all breeding requirements set by the Dutch Flatcoated Retriever Association NFRV.


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