Current Litter

K – Litter

Born May the 11th 2018

5 males and 3 females, all black

No more puppies available…!


Brightmoor Badgerback

Dutch CH, KJV-C diploma, B-Certificate.



Go With The Flow Classy And Dynamic

Dutch junior CH’12, JW’12, Dutch CH.


Mating took place earlier than expected…early March!


Joplinn her second husband is Brightmoor Badgerback ‘Morris’…!

Different than planned, this time I have chosen a male close to home who has given like Joplinn very sweet offspring and with a great will to please.

Both Joplinn and Morris are certainly not unknown to me as you can see on the website.











The ultrasound revealed on 2 March that we can welcome the puppies of Joplinn and Morris early May.

From this combination we expect very sweet puppies that can be seen and like to work with their boss as we are used to, dual purpose!


When you are interested  in an offspring of this litter feel free to contact us


Our combinations meet all requirements which are set by the Nederlandse Flatcoated Retriever Vereniging (Dutch Flatcoated Society) NFRV .