Current Litter

M – Litter

Born April the 24th 2020

5 boys and 2 girls, all black.


Mandaral Just The Way You Are Ned.Champion

HD-A, eyes all free v.vrij  incl. gonio, knees free
Show CAC, Work C-Diploma, training B-level, picking up dog



Go With The Flow Dutch and Faithful

HD-A, eyes all free, kniees free
Show VG, Work C-diploma, training B-level

20 maart 2020 heeft de echo uitgewezen dat JoJo drachtig is…we verwachten de pups in de laatste week van april.

Mandaral Just The Way You Are call sign Terrence is JoJo her husband.

Reasons enough that the choice fell on Terrence and I also went looking for a male with many English lines in the pedigree which also meets my requirements and fits to JoJo.




This time we stayed on Dutch soil again but with a wink to France and England. Terrence was born in France to Gillian Jeffries, the breeder of Terrence, she is originally English, hence a small wink to the birthplace of our beautiful breed. Terrence is a friendly and beautiful male that I have met many times from puppy, can be naughty at times but very loyal to his owners, used as picking up dog and has already given some offspring that benefit the breed.

Terrence working in the field.


JoJo working.

JoJo is very sweet, has a gentle character and is a real cuddle when she trusts you. She lacks participation in many shows because she prefers to work instead of sitting in a crate all day and then get to do a “trick”. Nevertheless, JoJo meets all the requirements that a Flat Coated Retriever should have for me to breed a litter.

Both parents are good breed representatives in all areas, but they lack a ‘battery’ titles, Terrence did in February get his Dutch show title of which Marijke and her daughter Leonie, handler of Terrence, are very proud. Experience has shown that titles do not guarantee the health, character, exterior and will to please of the offspring. We expect that the offspring of JoJo and Terrence will certainly honor our breed, behind lines have also proven this.

I am very grateful that Marijke and Leonie in JoJo see a right partner for their Terrence and believe that this combination will benefit our breed.


We expect from this combination friendly and boss-oriented puppies with a will to please, interaction will certainly be central to them!

More info about JoJo u van find here Go With The Flow Casual Graceful 

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