Christmas greetings and a word of thanks..!

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The end of the year is approaching which means that the Christmas holidays are coming and 2016 comes to an end… …

reason for Christmas greetings and to issue a word of thanks!


Kertskaart 2016


I thank all those who over the past year in any way have stood by, those who have given me as a breeder confidence this past year, include the 4th generation is born … …beautiful Go With The Flow miracles donated by Joplinn & Otis who all have got fine owners, something that is not obvious.

Thanks Merian and Peter Houben I have this year alongside a female (Jun-ai) also could keep a male from the last litter, they have the daily care of Marlow, which again my heartfelt thanks.

Of course thanks to all the other co-owners for their daily care and dedication, they give me the opportunity to maintain more dogs where I can fall back on in the future so that the lines chosen with care are not lost.


My Christmas spirit I share with you …

Christmas time close and the new year on the horizon,
a time of joy, but for some people sorrow,
Looking back at the past year has seen many ups as well as downs.
joy and sorrow so close together!

It has given us precious new lives and friendships,
unfortunately we also often had to say goodbye something we never get used to
but grateful for all the beautiful memories and that the aid received all times
has brought us closer together.

Not for nothing I surround me through many dogs,
an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams for the future,
many happy memories from the past and the pure joy of the present,
as they bring up all the good in me because of their unconditional
love what distracts me from all the cares of the day …

This Christmas I burn a candle for everyone that has left many tears of sorrow
with the wish that this light, the atmosphere and the warmth
will comfort them and mitigate some of the pain.

Wish you all loving days…

Kaarsjes Kerst 2016


As long as we have memories remains yesterday,

As long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits,

As long we have love today is worth!

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