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After the goodbye of the Infinity puppies again an opportunity to go for a day.

Today, together with Merian who has together with Peter daily care of Marlow with Jolene, Marlow and Jun-Ai went to Lelystad where we participated in the Championship Clubmatch of the FRC, some years ago we were present on this show.

The participant field in the junior class of Marlow and Jun-ai was huge but hope springs eternal we ​​will say so…lets go for it!

Marlow, junior class 5th place Excellent (19 entries, judge Maureen Millbank),
Jun-Ai, junior class 2nd place Excellent (41 enrollments, judge Maureen Millbank),
Jolene, Champion Class 1st Place Excellent (7 registrations, judge Louise Jones).

Of course we are more than happy how these 3 Go With The Flow’s keep standing in the big field of competition were many Good and Very Good were given, Jolene has shown that she can keep her up to her 7 years. Congratulations go out to all who have risen above themselves this day.

Surprise was see again Tilly van Hees with Buddy and Swing, respectively Beloved and Eager offspring. Buddy was there for the cosiness and Swing, grown into a beautiful and very nice boy, got a beautiful Excellent, again congratulations Tilly … shows are not your thing but done great and for sure Swing can definitely be seen.

Go WIth The Flow Blazing Eager ‘Swing’

Go With The Flow Blazing Eager ‘Swing’

A warm but very cozy and energetic day in the presence of very pleasant and caring company Merian, Diane and Laurent Maissan. Diane achieved a very nice 3rd place with their Sybren, training Buddy of Jun-Ai, in junior class. Thanks to Laurent we can show you some beautiful pictures to give an impression of especially Marlow and Jun-ai … Thanks Merian, Diane and Laurent once again for the kindness and good care during this lovely day.


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Pictures Laurent Maissan…again my sincere thanks!

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